While most Barn Pros customers prefer to hire a builder for their project, there are some who choose to do most of the work themselves. A husband and wife in Eastern Washington excavated and built their Cascade 36′ barn almost entirely by themselves. They decided to hire out the electrical work and recruited help from family for setting posts, laying cement and applying the roofing material. Even with work on the barn limited to the hours between day jobs total build time was only nine months. The couple admits that they “fell off ladders, hit (their) heads on boards numerous times, hammered (their) fingers, made mistakes, made modifications, cried and laughed.” When the project was complete, they were rewarded with a beautiful barn, good memories and a lot of experience!

Explore the features and details of the Cascade

The Cascade gable barn keeps the shape, center loft and roof pitch of the Olympic model, but is designed with a lower sidewall height and no dormers to create style and simplicity in a traditional look.