Located in prime Texas Hill Country, this garage apartment was built to enjoy all the area has to offer. There’s a full, 32’ x 12’ covered deck off the back of the building with 180 degree views of the hills below. The lower level has space for storage, tools, vehicle parking, toys and a laundry station. Access to the loft is located on the lower floor and a quick walk up the stairs brings you to the main living area. The open floor plan that encompasses living, dining and kitchen has been wrapped entirely in our 1” x 6” tongue and groove material for a warm and rustic look. Two bedrooms and a bathroom are also located on the main floor which has a total of 1,296 square feet.


Explore the features and details of the Denali Barn Apartment

Our Flagship barn apartment, the Denali gives you options. Choose from multiple floor plans to create a modern living space while maintaining flexibility for your barn, storage or utility needs. Request a Denali e-brochure to explore all the layouts and options, and bring your vision to life!