This home sits in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in beautiful Jackson Wyoming. Natural elements like stone, wood and leather combined with a warm color palette give this barn apartment a rustic and inviting feel. The footprint of the barn is 36ft x 72ft leaving an expansive 2,592 square feet of living space in the apartment as well as the barn below. Custom touches were added by the client with the help of their builder and include a deck off the side of the apartment with a raised dormer roof, roll-up barn entry doors and various decorative details. These apartment models can accommodate nearly any floor plan design you like. Posts that are located every 12ft support the structure meaning that walls can be placed in any configuration and are non-load baring.

The barn level incudes six, 12ft x 12ft horse stalls, storage, two parking bays, an office and tack room.

Explore the features and details of the Denali Barn Apartment

Our Flagship barn apartment, the Denali gives you options. Choose from multiple floor plans to create a modern living space while maintaining flexibility for your barn, storage or utility needs. Request a Denali e-brochure to explore all the layouts and options, and bring your vision to life!