Steeple Western Red Cedar Cupola

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Named for the cupola style used to adorn churches and chapels, the Steeple Cupola is a crowning finish for your structure. Be sure to select the correct base for your roof pitch.

Measures: 132”H x 35”W x 35”D

Made from tight knot Western Red Cedar Louvered and fully functioning Roofing materials not included When you are choosing the right size and style for your rooftop, generally the best fit is about 1 1/2" of cupola height for every foot of unbroken roof line. This is a flexible guideline – on a 36’L barn, for example, a 50”H cupola is a wonderful fit. With a larger barn or multiple roof lines, there is even more room to create a statement! Set a Triple Cupola at the center of a 72’L roof line and balance it with a Jumbo Cupola on either side. Multi-roofline structures may warrant a cupola at the center of each roof line.

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