Excel Composting Toilet

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Only available with purchase of a Barn Pros structure


This high-capacity composting toilet is simple to operate, with proven technology and reliability. “High-capacity” is actually enough to make this unit suitable for residences, cottages and lighter commercial purposes, one of many reasons why this is the best-selling unit in North America. Detachable footrest included.

From Sun-Mar: “To simulate residential use, the Excel was tested by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) at maximum capacity for 6 continuous months, during which the Excel produced no odor and produced a clean, safe compost. Only Sun-Mar’s self-contained units are listed for residential and cottage use by NSF, whose Standard #41 is the toughest composting performance standard in the world.”

Residential or continuous capacity: 3 adults, or a family of 5 Weekend or seasonal capacity: 6 adults or a family of 8

High Capacity Unit measures 32”H x 22 1/2″W x 33”D; 60 lbs Electric, 2.4 maximum AMP (with heater on), 35 required fan watts 2” vent at the back of the unit Quick, easy installation One-piece system Water-free Simple to winterize Durable, smooth finish makes it easy to clean