Pasture Shelter, Open Front

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Only available with purchase of a Barn Pros structure


This shelter measures 12′ wide x 12′ deep and includes an additional 2′ roof overhang in the front. This shelter is 8′ high at the front and slopes down to 7′ high at the back. Sold as a frame-only kit.

Pasture Shelters are designed and built to protect animals by providing a warm dry shelter through the fall and winter and a cool shaded retreat during spring and summer months.

Heavy, 15-gauge round galvanized steel tube is used to manufacture the shelters. Both 1 7/8″ diameter and 1 5/8″ diameter material is milled to exact specifications, and is made in the USA. This material is chosen for its superior strength and longevity. A round tube is stronger than a square or rectangular tube of equal weight and size. When properly erected and anchored, these shelters are engineered to withstand a 30lb. per square foot snow load and a 90 mph wind. These shelters also have a galvanized finish for unequalled rust protection.

Quick and easy to erect, they come with a set of easy to read instructions and all hardware needed to assemble (less wood and roof material). These shelters are also expandable; a modular design allows for additional shelters to be built onto existing ones. Shelter walls are assembled with a proven clamp system, using a 9/16″ wrench.

Sold as a frame-only kit (does not include wood or roofing). Kit requires 9 sheets 3/4″ Plywood to complete.

Photo shown Pasture Shelter with painted 3/4″ CDX ply. Highly recommended to paint or stain siding.

Kit includes:

Solid Side Right Panel

Solid Side Left Panel

Solid Back Panel

12′ Double Bow Frame

6×14 Roof Frame

Concrete Anchor Kit