Stall Fount – Heated (Shroud Included)

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Only available with purchase of a Barn Pros structure


This wall-mounted watering fountain gives your horses unrestricted access to clean, fresh water in a safe and durable unit. Height is adjustable, and an insulated shroud is also available if you want to protect against freezing.

Quick refill valve. There is no waiting for the bowl to refill, and the valve is protected so that it cannot be damaged or stopped by horses or feed debris. Easy to clean and maintain! As the water swirls down the drain, the trough surface is rinsed down. This keeps the bowl consistently clean and free of debris. Also, there are no pieces to remove in order to clean the unit. Durable and safe. Stainless steel trough & cover are resistant to general wear and tear, including chew damage. Rounded edges on the trough. Single stall capacity. Trough unit measures 14�L x 13�W; height is adjustable.

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