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Canadian Barns

A barn company with you in mind. We know the decision to add a structure to your property isn’t one you’ve made lightly. Just like you have invested your time in research and planning, so have we. Nearly 25 years of experience with engineering, shipping and delivering our barn kits to Canada and the US […]

5 Reasons to Build Your Barn in the Winter

It’s a well-known fact that traveling during off-peak times can save you a considerable amount of money and building a barn in the off-season is no different. This fact is often overlooked but it can have a dramatic impact on your construction timeline and your wallet. If you are considering building a barn, here are […]

Customer Spotlight: Jackie & Steve’s Equestrian 72 Horse Barn

Off the beaten path, within the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, you’ll find an Equestrian 72 Horse Barn tranquilly providing the roots that one family desires. The first floor has all the best that Barn Pros has to offer for horses while the second floor has a classic clubhouse vibe with a full wet bar and […]

Customer Spotlight: Sammamish Animal Sanctuary

“Once she knew she had love, affection and a purpose, she changed completely.” This is Diane Gockel, one of our customers located right in our own backyard, talking about a horse she rescued from a kill pen last year. Diane owns Sammamish Animal Sanctuary which is a non-profit dedicated to saving abused or homeless animals. This particular […]

Customer Spotlight: Christel Haven Horse Boarding & Rehabilitation

Christel VanderWeide is the owner of Christel Haven Equestrian Center which boards and rehabilitates horses in Duvall, WA. She has been working with horses for her entire life and takes every opportunity to share the therapeutic power of interacting with these majestic animals. Everybody on her team truly loves horses and their daily chores are a labor […]

The Barn Pros Process: How to build a barn right

Building a high-quality wood structure can be a long, painstaking experience. But Barn Pros has created a smarter building process that is faster and less error-prone than traditional building approaches. For over 35 years, Barn Pros has refined a system that uses pre-engineered building designs and high-quality building materials that are delivered to your doorstep […]

Customer Spotlight: Erin Kate’s Equestrian Art

This is the go-get-it attitude that seems to permeate every aspect of Erin’s life and is a theme among many people who choose the equestrian lifestyle. She has been riding horses since she was just one year old, runs her own wedding photography business and has now started selling her equestrian related artwork on Etsy. […]

Customer Spotlight: Spoiled Dog Winery

Karen Krug is the owner and creator of Spoiled Dog Winery on scenic Whidbey Island. She’s been making wine on the island for the past 15 years, with a focus on quality, sustainability and local production. Instead of widely distributing their wines, Karen enjoys welcoming visitors to the island to experience the vineyard and the […]