Ranchwood - Barn Pros pre-finished barn lumber

Ranchwood - Barn Pros pre-finished barn lumber

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Rustic. Refined. Renewable.

Ranchwood is an affordable premium substitute for architects, contractors and homeowners who have historically chosen to use various types of reclaimed barn wood; but want more durability, strength, and quality finish. Ranchwood’s full dimension rough cut Doug Fir substrate is Kiln Dried to a moisture content range of 10-19%.

Ranchwood is commonly used for interior paneling, wainscot, and exterior siding, trim, decking, fencing and timbers. It captures the spirit of the West’s windswept homesteads to produce the most environmentally friendly, unique, finished lumber products on the market. The product is pre-finished with two coats of NO VOC Seal-Once waterproofer. Because of this, material can be used immediately and projects can be completed year-round. Choosing a product that has been pre-treated and sealed also saves money on materials and labor in the field.

Enjoy the Seasoned Grace of Reclaimed Wood from a Sustainable Source.

Reclaimed wood from aging barns can be expensive, difficult to find and is rarely of a consistent shape. And although true reclaimed wood has matured over time to become both beautiful and durable only about 50% of this wood is construction quality. Ranchwood serves as a high-quality alternative to rough cut reclaimed wood and is proven to be more cost-effective and durable than actual reclaimed lumber. The material is kiln-dried for stability and logs are harvested through sustainable forestry practices while every inch of timber is utilized during the milling process.

Why an alternative to Reclaimed Wood?
Reclaimed wood has matured over time; it is durable and beautiful. However, some is acquired by dismantling historical structures and ghost towns. It is limited in quantity, costly to reclaim and can sometimes contain pests you would not want in your home! Only about half of the reclaimed wood is construction quality, so up to 50% is wasted.

Barn Pros Ranchwood is a sustainable alternative.
All Ranchwood products are eco-friendly and sustainable products; made with timbers and logs that have been harvested through sustainable forestry practices. The predominant method is Single Tree Selection where foresters select individual trees for harvesting. The cut logs are then removed with the least disruption to the surrounding environment. This method creates openings in the forest canopy allowing more precipitation, sunlight, and nutrients to reach the forest floor ensuring the health of other trees.

Ranchwood lumber is treated with sealers and finishes that have zero to low VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) this far exceeds the current siding industry standards. Sawdust is recycled to be re-used by local farms for animal bedding and a local pellet manufacture. Ranchwood products are also made in the USA and sourced from the Northwest – locally to our production and final applications.

Ranchwood is the Distinctive Choice in Rustic Wood.

An all-natural handcrafted lumber that captures the spirit of the West’s windswept homesteads and adds vintage elegance to your barn and home. Ranchwood is available in the following colors, textiles and profiles

Ranchwood is available in the following colors, textiles and profiles.


Western Exposure
Late afternoon sunlight and heavy weather produces a light grayish brown barn wood.

Northern Exposure
The north side of a barn receives the least exposure to the elements, often leaving some red paint intact.

Interior barn wood receives little to no sunlight but instead has been slowly baked over decades to a dark orange brown tint. This is one of the most coveted colors due to its rarity.


Circle Sawn
Circle Sawn texture duplicates the traditionally subtle “saw mark appearance” originating from old circle saw mills.

Wire Brushed
Wire Brushed technique accentuates the natural wood grain pattern of each individual plank creating a refined yet weather worn appearance.


Square Edge
An authentic choice to accent doors, windows, fascia and trim. 1″x3″ to 2″x12″

Channel Rustic
A favorite among cedar sidings. The channel adds depth and allows for breathing in variable climates. 1″x8″, 1″x10″, 1″x12″

Board and Batten
A favorite among cedar sidings. The channel adds depth and allows for breathing in variable climates. 1″x8″, 1″x10″, 1″x12″

The age-old choice for traditional barns; an interlocking notch design where each board overlaps the next. 1″x6″/8″/10″/12″

Tounge & Groove
A popular choice for soffits, wall paneling, and ceilings. 1″x6″ and 2″x6″

Pre-finished with 100% Natural and Non-toxic water-based sealer

All Ranchwood products are pre-finished with AquaFir Seal-Once. With proper care, your product will remain waterproof for years. Seal-Once is a high-performance toxin-free water-based sealer that exceeds current and future eco-requirements. By incorporating sub-micron particles a unique lattice work is formed allowing the product to sink deep below the surface. As it cures it forms an interior film that prevents water from infiltrating through the surface. You can simply re-seal exterior siding to your liking.

With proper care, your Ranchwood will remain waterproof for years. Simply re-seal exterior siding every 10 years and decking every 5 years with our specially formulated sealer. Ranchwood is also borate treated. This protects against termites and other wood-boring insects, and it is made from 100% naturally occurring elements making it safe for humans and pets.

Seals and Protects against Water Penetration for up to 10-years.

Seal-Once is so durable it comes with a 10-year limited warranty. The Seal-Once effective finish life is 5 years on horizontal surfaces, and up to 10 years on vertical surfaces. Ranchwood is NOT painted. It is treated with natural, specially formulated aging and sealing ingredients, which:

  • Are Safe and Non-toxic
  • Contain NO VOC’s
  • Waterproof to protect against mold, mildew, cracking, splitting, and warping

Ranchwood is Renewable. Kiln Dried to an acceptable moisture content range, Ranchwood is more stable, are finishing process is sustainable, protecting and improving the environment while enhancing your home.

Ranchwood promotes Healthy Forests. Harvested using forest stewardship practices. The retrieval practices are environmentally friendly and reduce the risks of wildfire and carbon release. Forests are filled with this renewable resource and are healthier when it is harvested. Utilizing every inch of each tree harvested, leaving no waste.

Ranchwood Preserves our History. Because new timber is used, beautiful historical structures for future generations are saved. No homesteads will be sacrificed for your project.

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Carbon Neutralxx  
Finished Productx  x
Renewable Resourcex   
Proven History > 50 yearsxx  
Warrantyx xx
Low Maintencexxxx
Ease of installationx   
Customizable product linex   
Sustainable sourcex   
Recycled materialxx  
Ease of cutting and trimingxx  
Use standard wood working toolsxx  
Resistance to wood boring insectsx xx
Waterproofx xx
Rot and decay resistancex xx
Mill direct pricingx   

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