Barn Pros Does A Lot, But There Are A Few Things We Don't Do

Barn Pros Does A Lot, But There Are A Few Things We Don't Do

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For over 30 years, Barn Pros has grown to become a nationally recognized brand, with numerous kit designs which range from traditional barns, to homes and shops. Our unique building system and process creates a faster, more seamless, and ultimately less stressful building experience. 

Our Portion of the Process

Whether a specific structure model has already caught your eye or you have a general idea of what interests you, Barn Pros is here to help guide you from the beginning of your research process to the completion of your build. We’ll help determine which structure and size will best suit your needs and desires, provide fully engineered and stamped site specific blueprints, and then ship your building package which includes all the material needed for your builder to frame your structure from the foundation to the roof. 

Learn more about what’s included in your kit and our process. 

While we focus our efforts on where we can best serve our clients, which means we don’t provide direct assistance with the following areas, we’re happy to help point you in the right direction. Many of our resource articles provide more insight into these segments.

Barn Pros Does Not Currently:

  • Build the structures
  • Offer structures smaller than 24’x24’
  • Offer metal frame structures
  • Offer permit assistance – Learn more about the permitting process
  • Find a contractor for your project – Learn more about how to find a builder
  • Offer exact costs to build
  • Provide info on man-hours needed to build
  • Conduct on-site visits
  • Offer custom designs
  • Provide MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) layout in blueprints
  • Offer designs with basements
  • Offer bank barn designs
  • Widen the breezeway
  • Design clear span barns with any size loft
  • Sell only blueprints

To discover more about Barn Pros visit our FAQ page or learn more about our process.

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