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Your builder is going to be happy. Because the beautiful pole-built barn that’s about to be constructed for you starts with rigorous engineering and quality control. You can see it in the detailed plans that are easy to follow and the pre-sorted, organized material and pre-built components. That means less guesswork, less time building, and less waste.

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Great experience! The barn is beautiful. When someone sees it for the first time, their first words are WOW. I couldn't be happier. I heard a lot of no's because my project was small until I called Barn Pros. And let me add even though I am a kitchen/bath designer, I have never designed a barn! [They] did a fantastic job guiding me through the process. Thank you, Barn Pros for my amazing barn.
Barn Pros was great! …We contacted other places, all were more expensive and were going to take longer to ship our order. Barn Pros also helped connect us to people who were very instrumental in our building process. While I believe we could have possibly built our project for less money, the support and customer service we received made our purchase a great value.
I purchased front doors for my barn from Barn Pros. They were very helpful from picking out the right doors and the right hardware all the way to delivery to make them a perfect fit. The doors I purchased were way stronger built and much prettier than I imagined from just seeing them in the catalog!! Very well constructed! We could not have chosen a better company to work with for service and product!