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Barn Pros Does A Lot, But There Are A Few Things We Don’t Do

For over 30 years, Barn Pros has grown to become a nationally recognized brand, with numerous kit designs which range from traditional barns, to homes and shops. Our unique building system and process creates a faster, more seamless, and ultimately less stressful building experience.  Our Portion of the Process Whether a specific structure model has […]

    The Barn Pros Story – Where It All Began

    The year was 1991 – Founders Jeff and Steve worked as general contractors Barn Pros founders, Jeff and Steve, were working as contractors around western Washington state. As they honed their craftsmanship and construction skills, they were also expanding their own equine experience. As they built more barns, they gathered an understanding of the necessary […]

      The Building Permit Process: Cost, Timeline and What to Expect

      Submitting for, and obtaining building permits for your structure may be one of the most time-consuming segments of the building process, and is often accompanied by a significant financial cost. Before you begin applying for your building permits, we recommend learning as much as possible about the process so you can efficiently navigate the often […]

        Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

        What does the process look like? You can learn more about the Barn Pros process here. 1. Planning  Outline your goals for your structure – the type of structure, it’s layout and use, and where it will live on your land. Assess your land – start a conversation with your local building authority to learn […]

          Receiving Your Kit Shipment

          The days leading up to your kit’s shipping date is certainly an exciting time. It’s a significant milestone in the process and one that should be joyfully celebrated, as it’s one of the earliest tangible steps in the journey towards building your structure.  Prior to receiving your kit shipment, there are a few easy steps […]

            Preparing To Build On Your Land

            Your land will greatly determine what kind of structure you can build, and where. There are many factors that come into play here, and before you can start the excitement of construction, there is work to be done on the ground level.  The excavation company that you work with will be a great resource to […]

              Barn Pros Lumber Yard

              We started as builders, so we know what it is like to find the right lumber while balancing cost, strength and beauty. That is why we only sell the materials we use every day. Decades of sourcing only the best materials for our structures have given us the experience to find the right lumber at […]

              Canadian Barns

              A barn company with you in mind. We know the decision to add a structure to your property isn’t one you’ve made lightly. Just like you have invested your time in research and planning, so have we. Nearly 25 years of experience with engineering, shipping and delivering our barn kits to Canada and the US […]

              5 Reasons to Build Your Barn in the Winter

              It’s a well-known fact that traveling during off-peak times can save you a considerable amount of money and building a barn in the off-season is no different. This fact is often overlooked but it can have a dramatic impact on your construction timeline and your wallet. If you are considering building a barn, here are […]

              Customer Spotlight: Jackie & Steve’s Equestrian 72 Horse Barn

              Off the beaten path, within the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, you’ll find an Equestrian 72 Horse Barn tranquilly providing the roots that one family desires. The first floor has all the best that Barn Pros has to offer for horses while the second floor has a classic clubhouse vibe with a full wet bar and […]