How to Buy a Barn:
The Barn Pros Process

Project Planning and Research

Every project begins with an idea, which soon evolves into a plan. Your new building will require some careful planning and research on your part and we're here to help guide you through this journey. If you're ready to start planning your project, give us a call and ask for a Pre-purchase Checklist to guide you through this important phase of your project.

What can I do with my land?

Speaking with an official from your local building department will provide you with information about any land restrictions that may be present for your property. Your building authority will also have guidelines for obtaining building permits, if needed for your location. Likewise, if you belong to any Home Owner Associations (HOA’s) or community organizations you will want to verify their specific requirements at this point in your research.

Do I need financing?

Should you require financing for all, or part, of your project, consider contacting your financial institution to research their lending options. Your Barn Pros project specialist can also provide additional resources for financing.

Who will build my structure?

Chances are good that you, or someone you know, has connections to a licensed professional contractor in your area. If not, there are also several online resources and databases that may connect you with a builder. If your inquiries don’t turn up any potentials, talk with your project specialist for potential resources they may have.

The Right Building for You

Your project specialist will work with you, and within your budget, to find your perfect building. They will walk you through options in detail to make sure items on your ‘wish list’ are taken into consideration and that you’re confident with the end result - whether your hobbies include horses or horsepower; our multi-use models are designed to off er maximum flexibility for your needs and lifestyle.

What types of buildings can I choose from?

Nearly every building package we provide are multi-use. The full range of models we offer can be broken down into these four categories: traditional barns, shops and garages, barn-style living space and distinctive showcase structures. Each structure provides nearly limitless uses including: variable storage, workspace, vehicle parking, horse stalls, livestock and recreational use – with some models offering residential living as well.

Can I make changes to the building?

We provide a variety of options for your structure that can be combined to create your specific building. Each model choice is designed to work perfectly with the scale, aesthetics and function of your building – guaranteeing a beautiful and unique end result. Your project specialist will work to identify your ‘wish list’ and translate that into a tailored building to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Ordering Your Barn Pros Structure

Now that you and your project specialist have created your ideal structure, you’re ready to place your order and get your blueprints started. At this stage, proper communication and coordination with your build team will help the project get off to a good start.

Finalizing Your Order

When your purchase documents and deposit are received, project details are reviewed with our engineering department where the blueprint process is started. Your project specialist will also work to secure a shipment date with our production team.

Blueprints & Permits

Once the blueprints and engineering calculations packet have been created, you or your builder can begin the permitting process, if required by your building authority. Keep in mind that all other necessary documentation, as dictated by your building authority, may need to be submitted at this time.

Team ‘Meet & Greet’

It’s highly encouraged that you and your builder have a conversation with your Barn Pros team to answer any questions prior to the delivery as well as review delivery details and appropriate contact information. At this point, a Pre-delivery Checklist will be provided by your project specialist to assist your build team with the requirements for delivery.

Delivery and Build

Everything you’ve been working towards culminates on your pre-scheduled delivery date. All of the research, planning and preparation you’ve done has resulted in a perfectly tailored package, engineered specifically to your build site, and backed by the industry leader in pre- engineered, barn-inspired buildings.


Prior to the delivery, as per your pre-delivery checklist, ensure there is driveway access to the build site, all required off-load equipment has been arranged and your build team is aware there will be multiple shipments during your delivery timeframe.


We put more into our process so that you and your team have less guesswork and wasted time in the field, and a proper inventory is essential to getting your project off to a good start. Taking inventory within a couple days of delivery ensures that the correct product has been sent and that there are no shortages or damaged materials and provides material location for ease of access at each stage of the construction process.

Builder Support

Questions that your builder has before and during the construction process can be directed to our builder support team. We're always ready to help!