Sitting atop the hillside in picturesque San Juan Islands, this Denali Garage Apartment 60 houses an extensive car collection below a stunning 2,160 sq. ft. apartment. The weathered exterior features our Ranchwood material in ‘Northern’ finish which offers a pleasant contrast to the 1×6 pine enclosing soffits. The 32’-wide deck off the rear of the structure provides breathtaking views of the island. A touch of whimsy is the farm rooster weathervane overlooking the barn from his perch atop a cupola. Lining the side of the building are four insulated RX Design Therma Classic Garage Doors with access to a variety of classic automobiles and custom storage cabinets.

Explore the features and details of the Denali Barn Apartment

Our Flagship barn apartment, the Denali gives you options. Choose from multiple floor plans to create a modern living space while maintaining flexibility for your barn, storage or utility needs. Request a Denali e-brochure to explore all the layouts and options, and bring your vision to life!