Classic Divider with Partial Offset Grill Top

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Only available with purchase of a Barn Pros structure


Stall dividers improve visibility and allow your horses to socialize with each other while inside. We offer several variations of grill-top dividers, from partial to full coverage, and also a complete fill as an option to completely separate your stalls. For added flexibility, opt to install hinged stall divider, which can be unfastened from between the stalls and swung against the wall to open up greater floor space.

Framed for wood fill beneath, this partial grill top is offset and framed for wood fill. The grill is made of 1� steel tubes on 3� centers, creating a 2� opening between bars. This frame is handmade, solid-weld steel which is channel-mounted for easy installation and ready to accept horizontal or vertical wood fill. Also available hinged. Measures 8’H x 12’L.


Lifetime warranty for sliding door track rollers, 10 year-limited structural warranty