Classic Shutters with Yoke Grill

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Only available with purchase of a Barn Pros structure


These stall windows and shutters from Classic Equine are ready for our premium lumber fill and framed with all-welded, pre-galvanized steel. Match the style of your existing doors and stalls, or add a new feature to your barn with well-made, beautiful shutters and doors that will impress for years to come! These come pre-hung for easy installation.

A low yoke grill fills the bottom half of this window, which can be closed from the outside with two shutters framed for wood fill. This window is matched to our Classic Stall Fronts, but will complement new stall packages and existing structures alike. The grill is made of 1� steel tubes on 3� centers, creating a 2� opening between bars.

*Call for additional sizes and special requests