Classic Euro Low Rise Stall Front

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Only available with purchase of a Barn Pros structure


This low rise version of our European-style stall fronts features a hinged low top grill on a wood-filled stall door. Your horse is given the freedom to hang its head over the front of this half-stall, allowing greater access to the aisle and other horses. To prevent scraps and cuts, all steel edges and corners are ground smooth, latches are recessed, and joints are solid welds done by hand. All grills are made of 1″ steel tubes on 3″ centers, creating a 2″ opening between bars. Frames are made in the US from pre-galvanized, powder-coated, heavy-duty steel. Choose 2×6 T&G, or purchase the frames alone to fill onsite. Bronze, hunter green, black powder-coating is available.

This stall front comes with a grilled feed door, flat brass caps and brass plunger knob on the door.