Compact Composting Toilet

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Only available with purchase of a Barn Pros structure


Wonderful for light residential applications, the Compact is low-profile, designed to complement any standard bathroom. Its smaller size is achieved by smaller chambers than in the Excel. The Bio-drum is small in the front and larger in the back, and the handle – used to mix and aerate the compost – recesses into the body of the unit. The vent in the back is the same 2” vent as the Excel, and there is also a 1/2” emergency drain at the base of the unit.

Residential or continuous capacity: 1 adult, or a family of 2 Weekend or seasonal capacity: 3 adults or a family of 4

Medium capacity. Unit measures 28”H x 35 1/2″W x 30 1/2”D; 50 lbs Electric, 2.4 maximum AMP (with heater on), 35 required fan watts 2” vent at the back of the unit Quick, easy installation One-piece system Water-free Simple to winterize Durable, smooth finish makes it easy to clean