Corner Feeder

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Only available with purchase of a Barn Pros structure


Use this three-chambered container to feed your horse from a natural, ground-level grazing position and virtually eliminate hay waste. The front of this feeder is lowered into a yoke-style shape to allow easy access to the large, middle section; the side pans are several inches lower in front and have rounded corners for similar accessibility. Virtually indestructible, FDA-approved molded polyurethane forms one seamless piece with no cracks that would allow sediment buildup, and also makes the entire container easy to clean. This container is also designed with the safety of your horse in mind, made with no sharp edges of a material which will flex to a certain extent under impact. This feeder is designed to be bolted into the corner of a stall or paddock, and can easily hold 20-30 lbs of hay.

Measurements: Back height 37?; lowers to 31 ?? in the front. Middle pan is 18 ?? wide, 31?L from front to back. Side pans are 13? at widest point; depth 9? in front and 14? in back. Total width is 48 ?? from corner to corner.