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Only available with purchase of a Barn Pros structure


Have a usable paddock 365 days a year! VersiGrid® is your permanent paddock solution – it is environmentally friendly and a permeable solution for muddy grounds. Use VersiGrid® for: indoor or outdoor arenas, round pens, paddocks, turnouts, barn aisle ways, washing areas, driveways, parking areas, grass or gravel areas, ramp or slope soil stabilization, terra forming or landscaping, and grass protection against traffic damage.

Each pallet of Standard (1.5” thick) VersiGrid® includes sixty (60), 36” x 48” layers, covering an area of 720 sq. ft., weighing a total of 1,080 lbs.

Each pallet of Heavy-Duty (2” thick) VersiGrid® includes forty-five (45), 36” x 48” layers, covering an area of 540 sq. ft., weighing a total of 1,215 lbs.

The system is both strong and flexible, manufactured from post-consumer, reinforced LDPE (Polyethylene). It is able to withstand climate extremes from -30°F to 180°F while remaining flexible. Available in Standard (1.5” thickness) and Heavy-Duty (2” thickness), which is ideal for areas where heavy equipment is used or perpetually soft ground.

VersiGrid® is the original equestrian footing and flooring grid system, German-engineered and German manufactured. It is the most successful soil stabilization system in Europe, widely tested and applied worldwide for years, and is now available to the American livestock and equine industries. VersiGrid® has a load-bearing capacity of more than 30,000 lbs per sq. ft. Working on the “snow-shoe principle,” these grids disperse the weight of the stock over a large surface area – effectively, 689 square inches for a four-legged animal. The grids permanently separate the top layer from the ground sub-base, preventing intermingling of the layers. In many conditions, no foundation work is required.

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