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We started as builders, so we know what it is like to find the right lumber while balancing cost, strength and beauty. That is why we only sell the materials we use every day. Decades of sourcing only the best materials for our structures have given us the experience to find the right lumber at the right price for your job. It makes no difference if you are a professional contractor, a seasoned builder, an architect or a DIY home improvement enthusiast – our lumber professionals are here to help. From full lumber packages for new home construction to a few cedar boards for a garden trellis, we cater to orders of all sizes.

This guide represents the culmination of years of experience helping builders around the world select lumber for every size job. We have condensed as much of the important information into a more digestible package as we can, but if you still have questions, call us at 1-866-844-2276. We are always happy to help you find the perfect materials.

Commitment to Sustainable Lumber

Our primary mill not only produces some of the highest quality lumber, they have made significant investments to produce sustainable lumber. Specializing in small log harvesting and reclaiming nearly all waste for reuse within the mill, they have learned how to work with our forests rather than against them. We seek mills across the nation who shares this vision and our commitment to sustainability means you do not have to worry about where every piece of your lumber is coming from.

Tongue & Groove

Tongue and groove paneling is a style of joining two pieces of material together. One side of the panel has a projection called a tongue and the other side has a groove. The panels are laid flat, with each projection fitting into the groove next to it. This system interlocks the panels so that they remain in place, and can be used on floors, walls, siding, ceilings and many other locations. The different joints and surface textures in tongue and groove siding combine to provide a range of shadow line effects that enhance the product’s versatility.

Cedar Material

Western Red cedar is one of North America’s great renewable resources. Slow growing and naturally durable, Western red cedar produces long lengths of timber with true, straight grain. Our Select tight knot Western Red cedar comes from Pacific Northwest forests and is highly valued for its rustic beauty, durability, and superior performance when used in exterior applications. Its natural resistance to rot, decay and insect damage make Western Red cedar an excellent choice for construction, siding, fascia, trim, patio decks, and garden structures of all types.

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Choosing the right exterior siding is extremely important because these are meant to protect your home from extreme weather conditions while at the same time adding value and beauty to your home. Whether you’re planning on new construction or updating the siding on your existing barn, home, shop or shed – siding is a simple way to add character to an otherwise plain exterior.

Post & Timbers

Used by architects, engineers, craftsmen and DIY’ers, heavy timber beams provide structural support, architectural interest and beauty to a variety of residential and commercial projects. Cedar timbers are prized for their strength and beauty and are used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Posts of Douglas Fir are mostly used as structural supports, rafters, trusses and stair systems because of their greater strength-to-weight ratio. Treated posts are ideal for permanent wood foundations like those used in post-and-beam construction.

Pressure Treated Products

Ideal for high moisture and ground contact installation projects, pressure treated materials contain preservatives that protect against decay, insects and fungal damage. Treated wood is used for a multitude of applications such as decks, landscaping, outbuildings, mailboxes, gazebos, pergolas and fencing. They’re also used as moisture barriers for wall sections and structural support for post-and-beam structures. We offer a selection of quality pressure treated Doug Fir tongue and groove lumber and posts, Hem/Fir posts and various dimensional framing material.

Decorative Accents

Many of the pieces that help create the Barn Pros signature look are the decorative accents and pre-built components seen on nearly every barn we produce. You’ll find everything from hand-constructed timber truss packages to tongue and groove from Pacific Northwest forests.

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Engineered Lumber

Engineered lumber is made from wood veneers and particles, glues, and resins to create large structural elements that virtually never fail if used correctly. Manufactured in a controlled environment, the load factors for these materials are precisely calculated for every size. Engineered lumber also saves trees by using more of the whole tree—typically 30 percent more than sawn lumber—so fewer need to be cut down. The strongest benefit of engineered lumber, more than is its stability and strength, is it’s consistency and predictability.

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Dimensional (Framing) Lumber

One of the most common types of materials used in construction, framing lumber is the dominant material in a building’s skeleton. Dimensional lumber has good compressive strength so it makes excellent studs. Typically the least expensive framing material, it’s also used for the horizontal parts of a wall frame, such as the sill plates at the bottom, the top plates, and the blocking between studs. Framing lumber is also used in decorative applications that include trim for windows and doors, skirting and fascia.

Plywood & Panels

Plywood is a composite material of bound resin and wood fibers that produces improved structural stability; great for applications that need high quality, high-strength sheet material. Plywood resists deflection and warping, is stronger than particleboard, is lightweight, easy to handle and install. From clear-faced, zero patch, T1-11 siding to budget-friendly CDX and OSB, our range of plywood building materials are suitable for everything from roofing, subflooring and siding to shop projects and furniture making.


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