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We started as builders, so we know the difference that premium lumber plays in the strength, longevity, and beauty of your structure. Decades of sourcing only the best materials for thousands of structures have provided us the experience to find the right lumber at the right price for your job. We’re confident that you and your builder will be impressed with the content of your kit material, ensuring that your structure will last a lifetime.

Commitment to Sustainable Lumber

Our primary mill produces high quality lumber while investing in sustainability. Specializing in small log harvesting and reclaiming nearly all waste for reuse within the mill, they work with our forests rather than against them. We seek mills across the nation who share this vision and our commitment to sustainability means you don’t have to worry about where each piece of your lumber is coming from.

Why We Design our Structures with Wood

Simply put, the strength and beauty provided by timber structures is hard to beat. The warm tones and rich scent of Douglas Fir and premium Cedar creates a feeling of home that fits seamlessly into any landscape. Personalization options are numerous when it comes to paints, stains, and decorative accents, and the engineered strength created by our premium grade material will ensure that your building stands strong against mother nature and the daily demands of your lifestyle for generations.

Below you will find details about the specific pieces that make up each Barn Pros kit.

Douglas Fir Tongue & Groove

2×6 Douglas Fir Tongue and Groove (T&G) is a staple of the Barn Pros structure package.

Douglas Fir is a dense, durable wood that resists moisture, rot, and insect damage thanks to the oils and resins found naturally within. The tight grain patterns provide a beautiful aesthetic that takes both paint and stain well.

Tongue and Groove. Available as exterior siding and interior accents, T&G is installed horizontally using an interlocking design. This provides a seamless appearance that forms a tight seal, provides structural stability that resists warping, and aids in insulating your structure from the weather and elements.

Cedar Material

Cedar Board and Batten Siding. Like Douglas Fir, Cedar is a dense, durable wood that resists moisture, rot and insect damage thanks to its natural properties. It can be finished with either stain or paint, and makes a great choice for siding. Board and Batten siding is installed vertically and can provide a more rustic aesthetic compared to Tongue and Groove.


Douglas Fir T&G or Cedar Board and Batten provides a strong, beautiful finish that catches the eye and stands the test of time.

Post & Timbers

Douglas Fir select posts and timbers provide strength and durability to the structure. Pressure treated posts are used for agricultural barns.

Pressure Treated Products

Barns are designed with 0.6 retention level pressure treated posts, sourced from our choice lumber yards.  Framing and lower siding uses pressure treated material with a 0.4 retention level to withstand the elements.

Decorative Accents

Timber Truss Packages can be added to most models and bring out the character and charm of a post and beam style structure.

Engineered Lumber

Beams and rafters carry critical load and meet design and engineering criteria while offering a great look that is consistent with the rest of the structure.

Dimensional (Framing) Lumber

Barn Pros kits use only premium grade framing material sourced from our preferred lumber yard. This lends itself to smoother, more accurate installation, and ensures that structures are equipped to handle exposure and weather better than lumber from local hardware stores.

Plywood & Panels

All structures are designed with structurally rated CDX plywood for strength and durability.  


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