Pre-Purchase Checklist: How to prepare to build a barn

Pre-Purchase Checklist: How to prepare to build a barn

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At Barn Pros, we pride ourselves on being good stewards of your project. Assisting and advising where we can, so that you are assured a smooth and successful construction process. With this in mind, we have created a pre-purchase checklist to help ensure that you’re fully prepared to select, order and build the barn of your dreams! 

With Barn Pros in your corner, this should be a fun and simple process.  We’ve been at this for many decades now so we’ve built a reliable process that leverages the experience of thousands of barns before yours. You’re going to love the predictability, quality and efficiency of our products and process!

The pre-purchase checklist is the first step in our process of creating a beautiful structure. The goal of this checklist is to provide us with all the details that we need to ensure we give you the most accurate information that you can trust. Keep in mind that this is the type of information that you will need to know, no matter who you work with to bring your barn to life.

Understanding your land

If you don’t own land just yet, this information is still helpful as a forecasting tool, but we really recommend focusing on securing your property first. Why? Well, every barn we manufacture is designed and engineered to meet local building code, and every parcel across the county is governed by that particular county’s building department. Without these details, we can’t provide you with a firm estimate. Once you’ve secured property, or have a contract to purchase property, you’ve got a barn project in the makings!

The pre-purchase checklist helps us gather all the information that we need to know about your property’s building requirements. During the discovery process, you will identify any potential restrictions or limitations you may have on your property due to your municipality or home owners association. Your building department, typically in your county, has all this information on their website or via a quick phone call. And if you need help, your Barn Pros project specialist can assist you further.

Working with a builder

At this point in the process, you should start thinking about finding a builder. We do not build the barns ourselves because we ship all across the country to many types of environments. We focus on the design, engineering and sourcing to reduce waste, prevent delays and save you money. This also allows you the freedom to choose a builder that understands your specific region and project. Not to mention the benefits of finding someone who works well with you personally. We’ve worked with hundreds of builders who appreciate the ease and predictability that Barn Pros brings to the project. If you have a builder in mind, we would love to chat with them directly so they understand everything we will provide to make their lives easier.

Financing your structure

While this isn’t part of the pre-purchase checklist and nobody enjoys talking about this part, it is never too early to start considering how you are going to pay for your barn whether it is in cash or a loan. Keep in mind that a construction loan is very different than a typical mortgage and in some cases, this may influence the type and size of building that you get. Of course, we are happy to talk with you further about your options.

Putting it all together

With a signed and completed pre-purchase checklist, you will have a firm understanding of what you can build on your land and we will have all the details we need to help guide you to the absolute best solution for your situation. We use this checklist with every one of our of customers and it is designed to help you have the smoothest possible experience. You deserve the barn of your dreams and we are here to help you make that dream a reality.

Call us at 866.844.2276 or email us at barns@barnpros.com to get your Pre-Purchase Checklist today!

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