Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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What does the process look like?

You can learn more about the Barn Pros process here.

1. Planning 

  • Outline your goals for your structure – the type of structure, it’s layout and use, and where it will live on your land.
  • Assess your land – start a conversation with your local building authority to learn about permitting needs and what kind of structures your land can support. 
  • Research any HOA or other community organizations requirements if these apply to you. 
  • Decide how you will pay for your structure – will you pay in cash? Or obtain financing?
  • Begin researching local builders in your area to get an idea of their availability and schedules.

2. Structure Selection

Bring the goals you’ve outlined for your structure, and any info you’ve gathered from your local building authority to a Barn Pros project specialist and begin exploring the products and options that will meet your needs. Your structure selection will be complete once you have worked with your project specialist to identify the structure, structure size, personalization options and features that will meet your needs.

3. Ordering

Once you’ve worked with your project specialist to decide on the right structure, structure size, personalization options and features to meet your needs, provide a deposit for your order so our engineering and design team can get started on your blueprints. This is also a great time to start communicating and coordinating with your builder.

After you receive your blueprints and engineering packet, you are ready to apply for permits if required by your building authority.

This is also a great time for you and your builder to have a conversation with your Barn Pros team to answer any questions prior to delivery as well as review delivery details and appropriate contact information.

4. Delivery and Build

  • When you receive your building permits and complete any additional documents or assessments required by your building authority, you are ready to confirm the shipment date of your structure kit with your project specialist.
  • Review your pre-delivery checklist and ensure your driveway and access to your site is prepared for delivery, all required off-load equipment has been scheduled at your site, and your builder is aware there will be multiple shipments during your delivery timeframe. You can learn more about preparing for your delivery in our resource article here.
  • Inventory your material soon after it’s been delivered to ensure that the correct product has been sent and there are no shortages or damaged materials. This also helps to confirm the location of your building material for ease of access as your build progresses. 

Reach out to us for any questions you and your builder have before and during construction. We’re always ready to help!

What’s the cost to build? / Cost for the whole project?

While the exact cost of construction can be tricky to nail down because it varies with your region and level of finish, we believe that breaking it down into a few bitesize categories can go a long way in helping you visualize and determine what your total project cost may be.

Of the categories below, Barn Pros only directly accounts for one, the building kit, and can only truly speak to the cost of our kits. You can take the kit price and combine that with some research and conversations of your own with contractors and excavation companies in your area, and you’ll be able to create a great ballpark price for your project.

  • Permitting – Your local building authority can provide pricing information
  • Building Package – Barn Pros website and project specialists can provide pricing information
  • Site Prep – Local Contractor / Excavation can provide information
  • General Construction – Contractor can provide information
  • Interior Finishing – Contractor can provide information
  • Land Finishes – Excavation (Septic, Well, Landscaping, Etc)

Structure Kit Package 

The structure pages on our website list the prices per size, and if they will be designed with stalls or garage/ storage space. But please know that prices displayed on the website can vary based on the personalization options that you decide upon, as well as material costs and industry fluctuations. For the most accurate pricing, give us a call and chat with a Barn Pros project specialist.

Excavation and General Contracting

An excavation and/or general contracting company in your area should be able to provide a rough cost estimate for the categories above, but they won’t be able to provide an accurate quote until they can view your blueprints. 

What does the payment schedule look like?

The payment schedule for your structure kit is broken down into three payments:

  1. $10,000 non-refundable deposit upon structure selection – This money goes to the drafting and engineering of your blueprints.
  2. Progress Payment totaling 30% of your total structure kit cost. This progress payment is made when you receive your blueprints and building permits. 
    • Your $10,000 initial deposit goes towards this 30% (30% of kit total – $10,000 deposit  = 2nd payment.) 
    • This progress payment allows Barn Pros to order the materials needed for your kit, and gather all of the material in our warehouse.
  3. Remaining 70% of your kit cost is gathered 3-4 weeks before the ship date that you set with your project specialist.

This payment schedule refers only to your structure kit. Building permit costs, land prep costs, and general construction and finishing of your structure are not made to Barn Pros.

What’s included in the price of the building package? And what is not included in the building package price?

Your building package includes all the material needed for your builder to frame your structure from the foundation to the roof. Concrete for your foundation and interior finishing material is not included. 

Your Barn Pros structure kit will include the following

  • Architectural experience over thousands of iterations built into our models & options
  • Fully-engineered and stamped site-specific blueprints
  • Special foundation hardware
  • Structural posts
  • Structural beams
  • All structural dimensional framing material
  • Miscellaneous bracing components for construction
  • Structural sheathing / plywood for walls, loft subfloor, and roof.
  • Interior framing (studs, etc.)
  • House wrap (for residential model)
  • Roof sheathing – NOT the final layer asphalt paper or ice block.
  • Siding
  • Exterior trim
  • Basic staircase and railing
  • Exterior doors & windows
  • Optional stall & barn components
  • Free shipping to your property!

What’s not included?

  • Concrete
  • Final roofing layer – asphalt paper or ice block.
  • Labor / equipment for construction
  • Fasteners (Nails / Screws / Glue)
  • Paint, stain & finishes (plumbing, electrical, insulation, drywall, etc.)

How much of the interior finish is included?

As for the inside of the barn: the barn portion can be almost completely decked out with the purchase of your kit! Stalls, matts, tack hardware, doors, you name it. 

As for residential areas, we prepare you for finishes by including such items as interior wall framing, exterior doors & windows, rough-in stairs, and subfloor. 

Put another way, when you’re done with the general construction of your Barn Pros package, you’ll be ready for the plumber, electrician, and other contractors you hire to come in and do their thing. Barn Pros does not provide finish material, or do any interior finish/ utility work. You will need to coordinate these projects with your local contractor.

Can you refer an experienced builder? / How do I find a builder? / Do you come and build it for me?

Barn Pros does not build your structure. You will need to find a builder to construct your structure or take on the project yourself. You can learn more about finding the right builder in our resource article here

What’s the turnaround time? / How long does it take to ship? 

We pride ourselves on being one of the fastest teams in the industry for providing your package, ready to build.

Blueprint timeframe 

This process consists of finalizing your design preferences with your project specialist through a brief design verification, and formalizing the plan into stamped, site specific blueprints.


Much of the country requires building permits issued from the local building authority to commence excavation and construction. In areas where this is required, please seek out your local building authority department for more information on their timeframes and costs. Not all places require a permit- if you are in an area with no requirement, you’re ready for the next step.

Production time frame (gathering your kit material at our warehouse and shipping it to you)

Once you have an approved permit (or just our stamped blueprints if in an area with no permitting requirement), we are ready to commence the production of your building package at our facility in Washington!

Production concludes with your final payment 3-4 weeks before full-size tractor trailers head to your location to deliver your structure kit. 

Time frames vary with time of year and type of structure kit. One of the largest influences on your timeframe is obtaining your building permits, if applicable in your region. The faster you can obtain these from your building authority, the faster we can work with you to get your kit produced and shipped. Please speak with your project specialist for more detailed process information and next steps. 

How much customization can I do? 

We provide a variety of options to personalize your structure to suit your specific needs. Each model choice is designed to work perfectly with the scale, aesthetics and function of your building – guaranteeing a beautiful and unique end result. Your project specialist will work to identify your ‘wish list’ and translate that into a tailored building to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Will you handle permitting?

Barn Pros does not provide any permitting services. You will need to submit your building plan to receive any necessary permits from your local building authority on your own.

Are the stalls included?

Barn Pros structures can be engineered and sold with or without stalls. The base list prices on our website reflect structures without stalls.

Are the structures insulated?

Insulation is not included with the kit material, but can be accounted for in engineering and provided/ installed by your builder.

Are garage doors included?

Barn Pros can design your structure with garage doors, however we do not supply the doors themselves.

Do you supply a CAD file?

2D .dwg elevations can be provided on special request to augment the MEP planning / interior design process if needed.

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