Receiving Your Kit Shipment

Your kit is on the way! Here's what you need to know about your delivery.

The days leading up to your kit’s shipping date is certainly an exciting time. It’s a significant milestone in the process and one that should be joyfully celebrated, as it’s one of the earliest tangible steps in the journey towards building your structure. 

Prior to receiving your kit shipment, there are a few easy steps you can take to facilitate the ease of the process. These steps will help save you time, hassle, and potentially money. Let’s dive into a few of these tips that are conducive to a successful kit receivement and prelude to construction commencing. 

Establish a Route for the Truck

As you might imagine, the trucks used to safely transport a Barn Pros kit are quite lengthy. On average they’re about 5 times larger than a standard vehicle. With trucks of this size, there are a few key considerations to think about as your plan for your kit to arrive. Taking a few minutes to walk your property and establish a route for the truck’s arrival will mitigate the chances of a stressful delivery, both for yourself and the driver.

Among the most important, is the truck’s room to turn. If you’ve ever towed a horse trailer, toy hauler, or really anything at all, it’s a similar concept. It’s simply scaled up with the trucks and trailers that carry Barn Pros kits being much larger.

Along with sufficient surface area to accommodate the truck’s turning radius, you should also consider the height. If there are low hanging branches or other factors obstructing the pathway, it’s prudent to do what you can to remove these. 

Additionally, the truck driver may contact you a few days prior to, as well as upon, their arrival to coordinate a final delivery window as well as navigating the street, driveway, property, etc.

Secure a Forklift

A forklift is required to unload and stage material upon your kit’s arrival. It’s best to plan to have your forklift for 1-3 days. A 6,000-8,000lbs all terrain forklift is recommended as our kit ships in bunk sections that are generally 4,000-5,000lbs. The all terrain forklift is recommended to be able to adequately navigate any outdoor area where you will be transporting material. 

Shipping Timeline

It generally takes 2-5 days from when the truck departs our Washington based warehouse to arrival. This of course depends on your location and external contributing factors such as weather, traffic, etc.

Staging Material

It bodes well to brainstorm where you would like to stage the building material prior to your kit’s arrival. Being mindful of the most efficient staging area will pay dividends throughout your building process. A level space is always best. Keep in mind that posts may be up to 30’ in length and need the required space for proper staging. You may also consult your builder for their preference and expertise when planning the staging for your kit material.


As you’re unloading your material, please reference your master shipping list and take photos of your inventory. This helps us in case we need to assist you in locating material or hardware. It’s best to begin with the larger items, in the order which you’ll be building, for example posts, foundation hardware, beams, etc. We ask that you do this within the first 3 days of receiving your kit.

We’re so excited to help get your kit to you safely and will be here to help you throughout the process.


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