On the north shore of Washington State’s Lake Chelan, stands a tall gambrel barn with a copper roof and green doors that has become a beacon of friendship and goodwill – and Washington wine. Cairdeas Winery (pronounced: Car-Dis) owned by Lacey and Charlie Lybecker, recently opened their new tasting room which stands in an Ayrshire 48 in Manson, Washington overlooking Lake Chelan and the surrounding mountains.

*The Ayrshire model is currently unavailable for purchase*

Established in 2009, Cairdeas was opened in West Seattle before moving to the Chelan Valley wine country region of Eastern Washington in 2012.

“We love the roofline and pitch of the Ayrshire. The big open ceilings, big windows and exposed beams are so inviting and really enhance the feeling here.” 

The unique copper roof against the dark stain and green accents of the barn make it easy to spot. You can see the tasting room from the other side of the lake, and from the water. The interior of this Ayrshire is equally impressive. The same dark stain stands bold on all the exposed timber, especially in the spacious second floor tasting room where the lighter colored floors contrast well. 

“We opened Cairdeas in Seattle so we could get started. We knew that we eventually wanted to move to wine country, but at the time didn’t know where or when,” shares Lacey.

In 2013 their current location off highway 150 was established and is now home to the Cairdeas estate vineyard, extended production facility and tasting room.

A trip to Ireland before Cairdeas was opened inspired the name. Lacey returned home with a number of framed Gaelic characters, and Cairdeas was one of them.

“As we were thinking about the right name for the winery, we kept coming back to Cairdeas,” explains Lacey. “We found it a fitting nod to Charlie and I’s Irish heritage, and it provides a great family-friendly feel.”

The influence of family is evident at Cairdeas and is furthermore  displayed through the naming of their wines. The Nellie Mae white blend pays tribute to both Charlie and Lacey’s grandmothers, and all the women in their lives who have supported their dreams and pushed them forward.

The choice of the Ayrshire for the Cairdeas tasting room was yet again a compliment to the friends and family feel of Cairdeas. Growing up on a farm, Lacey thinks of the Ayrshire as an homage to her family and upbringing.

“The height of the lower level windows, and how they frame the vineyard, lake, mountains and skyline is one of our favorite features of the Ayrshire,” says Lacey. “And on the second level, we love how the double-sided fireplaces in the upstairs wine club area frame the space and the patio.”

The Rhone Valley of France is where Cairdeas pulls its wine making inspiration. The Cairdeas estate vineyard is one of only a few vineyards in the United States to grow two rare white Rhone varietals; Picardan and Clairette Blanche, inspired by the D region of the Rhone Valley. And because Syrah grows so well in the Chelan valley, it is also abundant on site.

As the seasons continue to turn and more people get the opportunity to travel and visit wine country, Lacey and Charlie are most looking forward to hosting the kinds of gatherings where new friendships are made and people can connect in a comfortable, welcoming environment to enjoy great wine, great company, and great views.

To visit Cairdeas and experience in person all that their vineyard has to offer, call and book a tasting time.

If you’d like to learn more about where to find Cairdeas wine or order online, you can visit their website at ciardeaswinery.com.

To stay up to date with Cairdeas happenings and events, and to see what Charlie and Lacey are up to behind the scenes, follow Cairdeas on Facebook and Instagram.