The perfect barn can be difficult to find, but never impossible. Supplying grapes to local producers along the North Coast and Shasta Cascades through their vineyard, these owners were searching for a building that exuded the old-world aesthetics and charm of a European barn; something that would look like it had been on the property for over 100 years but could house any animal from horses to geese. This pre-engineered Barn Pros Barn was just that.

Deep in Penn Valley stands the Clydesdale 56. Boasting a 42’ x 56’ footprint, 12’6” sidewall, full-length open shed roof, monitor style RCA (raised center aisle) roofline and massive 35’ roofline supporting jumbo western red cedar cupolas and 4’ gable style roof dormers, the Clydesdale 56 is quite the marvel. The gable ends feature the timber truss and corbel package as well as the included western red cedar board and batten siding. Douglas fir tongue and groove 2”x6” siding continues the rustic yet sleek look all around.

There is no shortage of natural light and air movement in the Clydesdale 56. Whether through the wide 14’ breezeway, traditional handmade breezeway doors with windows or one of the many hayloft and Dutch doors, the traditional barn allows for plenty of the California sunshine to flow in.  Classic Legend Arched stall fronts with mesh door panels also give horses, or any wayward animal, the perfect amount of sun and breeze.

Climb the staircase in the silo that leads up to the 1/3 center loft that can be used for storage or entertainment. The Clydesdale 56 is guaranteed to leave visitors, and owners, awestruck.

Explore the features and details of the Clydesdale

The largest monitor barn offered, the Clydesdale is designed on a 14' x 14' grid with a 35' roofline height to accommodate larger stalls and a larger breezeway. Plus, it comes standard with a full loft.