On the edge of the Snohomish Valley in Washington state, resides this freshly completed Cimarron 48’. The Laible family has somewhat recently begun their journey into the equestrian world and took the exciting leap of building their own barn. Their research led them to Barn Pros as they needed an option that would best accommodate the family and their two horses, Nellie and Song, and their hillside property.

Our expert staff helped guide them to the Cimarron model. They elected for a three stall barn with a tack room. The stall space and tack room is met with a 12’ open breezeway which creates a more functional and enjoyable space for working with horses. The Laibles elected to include the optional stall package which consists of our Barn Pros powder-coated stall front grill and door, chew strip protection, heavy-duty custom formed galvanized metal chew protection for corners and edges, Dutch doors, and stall mats.

All these features have augmented the Laible’s experience with their horses and serves as a foundation for a wonderful future in their new found passion. They have been enjoying the space for both working with their horses as well as spending time with friends and family. They live close enough to ride to their local trails and enjoy being part of the community. They also even happen to live close to another recently showcased Huntington Barn Pros model. We love seeing our community members build relationships and support one another.

Explore the features and details of the Cimarron

Our shedrow offering, the Cimarron provides maximum ventilation thanks to the open breezeway and can be configured in an inline, "L" or "U" shape to make the most of your space.