Utility, durability, elegance and versatility: this Texas shed row style barn has it all. Great for warm weather climates; our Cimarron model is available in an inline, “L” or “U” shape barn configurations and has an open breezeway which provides additional ventilation and that open porch appeal.

The client chose an L-Shaped Cimarron model with our Ranchwood pre-finished lumber to give it a rustic look while maintaining its lasting appeal. Not only does this Cimarron house horses, it also provides shelter for their dog breeding hobby. Taking advantage of the shed row style, the client created an indoor and outdoor space for their canine companions to enjoy. Look at those happy pups!

Every part of this barn was made for horses’ comfort and safety. The cupola allows for proper ventilation in the hot Texas climate, keeping the horses content and happy. The wood lined stalls provide a safe kick wall, while matching the aesthetic of the rest of the barn

Explore the features and details of the Cimarron

Our shedrow offering, the Cimarron provides maximum ventilation thanks to the open breezeway and can be configured in an inline, "L" or "U" shape to make the most of your space.