Settled between the trees of the Pacific Northwest, the sun rests on the Tradesman 48 Shop complete with cedar and Douglas fir. The 36’x 48’ shop with lined soffits and ceilings boasts Douglas fir 2”x6” tongue and groove siding, two standard western red cedar cupolas and Clearspan steel roof trusses. Western red cedar board and batten siding on the gable ends are perfect for the outdoors, adding to the rustic and quaint setting of Washington.  A sidewall height of 14’6” encloses 1,728 square feet of unobstructed space for storage of tractors, RV’s, trucks and other needs. In this particular model, access for vehicles is made easy by three, customer supplied roll-up garage doors on the front end, while Barn Pros also offers garage door packages built for ease. Personal entrance to the shop can be made through traditional handmade arch top breezeway doors with windows.

Explore the features and details of the Tradesman

The Tradesman sets the standard for shop/ garage space. A 36' width with 14'6" sidewalls can accommodate up to three garage doors on the front of the shop and shed roofs can be added to one or both sides for even more storage space.