Wash Bay Package

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Only available with purchase of a Barn Pros structure


The Groom Station – A Complete Wash Bay Package!

Barn Pros offers the only complete wash and groom stall package available on the market. These collective products have been hand-selected for quality, value and performance. This groom station may be added to existing structures as part of a remodel project, or incorporated into new construction.

Included in package:

(2) Overhead Cold Weather LED Fixtures. We include two cold-weather LED lighting fixtures in the wash stall package. Dust and moisture resistant, 40W LED light strip, and a broad wash of light. 49.5″L x 7.5″W x 4″H

(2) Lower Flush Mount Flood Lights: A 20 gauge, baked white enamel steel housing encases these lights, but keeps a slim profile at only 2 1/4″ thick. The lens is 3/16″ clear, tempered glass. Bulbs not included. 120-277V, 32WT8.

(1) Over-the-top Washer Unit: Protect yourself and your horses, and eliminate the hazard of looped or tangled hoses on the ground with this wash unit. The holder keeps your hose above the horse’s head, and the boom extends out as far as 8′. This design makes it easy to manipulate and use the hose without ever worrying about your horse tripping across a wayward loop or spooking into an even bigger problem. Units made from powder-coated 18 gauge tubular steel, both 1″ and 1 1/4″. Boom extends from 4’2″ to 8′. Mounting hardware included.

(2) Cross-tie Rings: The rugged steel mounting plate is sturdier than the standard, pinched metal bracket found on many cross-tie rings, and the 3 1/4″ ring accommodates almost any type of cross-tie ends. Plate measures 2’W x 4’H. Black, powder-coated steel.

(1) Rubber matting set for floor installation (6 pieces): Pebble texture provides a non-slip surface and the flat underside leaves nowhere for urine to pool. The tight fit minimizes shifting, lifting, and sliding. Mats are 5/8″ thick and made of 100% recycled vulcanized rubber.

Lumber for (2) two 12’x8′ Douglas Fir tongue & groove (side) panel walls. Boards are kiln dried to a maximum 19% moisture content resulting in a smooth, even surface that improves strength, aids to resist cracking and splintering under heavy use. This process also enhances the appearance of the lumber and increases its resistance to decay and insect damage. One pressure-treated Douglas Fir tongue and groove base boards included are with this lumber package.