Canadian Barns: How to get a Barn Pros structure to Canada.

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We know the decision to add a structure to your property isn’t one you’ve made lightly. Just like you have invested your time in research and planning, so have we. Nearly 25 years of experience with engineering, shipping and delivering our barn kits to Canada and the US has allowed us to develop and refine our process.

Your building will undergo careful planning to ensure that it will meet or exceed local building requirements and you will also receive full structural blueprints tailored to your build site and stamped by a licensed international engineer. All of our structures can be modified to handle your specific needs whether you have high snow loads or unrelenting rain.

Our system works and our plans are simple to follow, meaning your builder will have less to learn and make fewer mistakes. And because we pre-build and cut many components beforehand, you spend less time building and more time enjoying the process.

To learn more about shipping, delivery, taxes and engineering; take a moment to read through some frequently asked questions listed below.

Please reach out if you have additional questions or would like to begin working with a project specialist. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Barns Pros Canadian Projects

Denali 60 – Horse Barn
Denali 48 – Barn Apartment
Denali 48 – Barn
Olympic 48
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Olympic 60

Frequently Asked Questions

How does payment work?

All products are priced in US dollars. Payment will be made in US dollars, and can be made by US check, wire transfer or credit card charge.

For additional info about funding your barn project, including our payment schedule, explore our “How to Finance Your Barn Project” resource article here.

Are there additional costs associated with shipping a barn kit to Canada?

Being our closest neighbor, it’s often a straight-forward process getting a barn kit to your location. But because Canada is also a very large country, there could be additional costs necessary to get your material to you. It just depends on where in the nation you will be building.

Below are some common costs that we have seen with past Canadian barn projects:

Shipping costs – Depending on where in Canada your barn will be delivered, additional shipping costs may be necessary if your location is north of the Trans-Canada highway system or on an island. This is not always the case though, and your project specialists will be able to confirm this as you work through your project with them.

Blueprint conversion fee – Converting your blueprints from standard to metric units will require an additional cost. Your project specialist will be able to speak to the total conversion cost for your project.

Taxes, tariffs and duties – All taxes, tariffs and duties will be assessed on the full value of your structure kit.

Will my structure meet all building codes?

Our fully licensed and accredited international engineers will create blueprints specific to your local building codes furnished with a province-specific engineering stamp. Your prints will meet all necessary building codes.

What about the delivery, how will my barn be shipped?

Any and all pre-built or pre-cut materials will be dry-loaded and wrapped in our Pacific Northwest warehouse located in Monroe, Washington and delivered by freight to the build site. Common dimensional material may also be sourced locally.

If you plan to build on an island, it may be possible to coordinate delivery via ship. Your project specialist will be able to confirm if this is possible early on in your project planning.

How do I handle the Canadian-US border crossing and import taxes?

Prior to the shipment of your structure, we will work with you to set up an account with a customs broker. This broker will work with you to coordinate the border crossing, taxes and duties, and create a quote for all of this ahead of your ship date.

Once your structure kit has been engineered and your material list confirmed, you can then work with your customs broker to gather a quote for all costs necessary to get your kit across the border. We’ve found this information to be available usually around a month before your scheduled ship date.

All taxes, tariffs and duties will be assessed on the full value of your structure kit, and can be made by credit card.

How do I get my barn built?

You will need to find a builder in your area to assemble your barn. We’ve found one of the best ways to find a builder is to ask around. Most of the time, you, or someone in your network will know someone suitable to the task.

Additionally, the following common online websites are a great place to start your search:

  • Home Advisor
  • Porch
  • Angie’s List
  • Houzz
  • Contractor Connection
  • Chamber of Commerce

Learn more about how to find a builder for your project in our “How to Find and Choose a Bar Builder” resource article here.


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