Customer Spotlight: Christel Haven Horse Boarding & Rehabilitation


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Christel VanderWeide is the owner of Christel Haven Equestrian Center which boards and rehabilitates horses in Duvall, WA. She has been working with horses for her entire life and takes every opportunity to share the therapeutic power of interacting with these majestic animals. Everybody on her team truly loves horses and their daily chores are a labor of love. One of her staff is even a retired Microsoft employee which just goes to show the atmosphere that Christel has made can unite people from all walks of life.

Watch our interview with her to learn how her equestrian center has become a place of joy and healing in her local neighborhood.

The Equestrian 60’ Structure with Equine Package

A generous double breezeway runs the length of the Equestrian horse barn, flanked on both sides by stalls. Tack rooms, office space and wash stalls come standard down the center of the barn, but their exact placement is flexible. A full-length center loft provides storage, recreational or office space above, available as either a two-thirds or full loft. The Equestrian horse barn is a truly marvelous structure, available with 8 to 20 stalls.

Christel chose to move one set of breezeway doors to the side of the building for easy access to the covered riding arena next door. Because our buildings use posts to support the roof and not stud-walls, doors and windows can be placed in any location. She also worked with her builder to create a covered connection from the barn to the arena, Barn Pros supplied the additional material based on the builder’s specifications.

Some details about Christel’s Barn:

  • Includes 10, 12’x12’ horse stalls
  • Two 12’x60’ breezeways
  • Four sets of breezeway doors
  • 12’x12’ tack roof
  • 12’x24’ office/storage room
  • 12’x60’ hayloft with two sets of hayloft loading doors
  • Standard cupola
  • Front gable end Timber Truss package
  • Upgraded loft from 1/3 to full
  • Upgraded breezeway doors to Archtop with windows
  • Wash & Groom Package
  • Upgraded standard cupola to Jumbo
  • Added Ultimate Tack System
  • Removed 4 horse stalls for a total of 6
  • Expanded the 12’x12’ tack room to 12’x24’
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