Customer Spotlight: Erin Kate's Equestrian Art


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This is the go-get-it attitude that seems to permeate every aspect of Erin’s life and is a theme among many people who choose the equestrian lifestyle. She has been riding horses since she was just one year old, runs her own wedding photography business and has now started selling her equestrian related artwork on Etsy. There is no challenge too big or too small when it comes to living her best life.

Her Etsy store, although only a few months old, took root years ago when she was a high school exchange student in Germany. Old Levis were very popular at the time so she would embroider them herself to make one-of-a-kind clothes that stood out. Of course, with her strong eye for design, all of her classmates wanted to buy them. While she doesn’t live in Germany any longer, fashion is cyclical and her embroidered artwork is making a comeback.

She didn’t build her Etsy store because she expects it to make her millions overnight. She has never been much of a goal setter like that. She lives primarily for the moment and to make the most of every single day. Some people may be dreamers and big goal setters, but she accomplishes as much as she does because she doesn’t waste a moment. She is living her best life. This entrepreneurial and self-motivated spirit shines through in every conversation with Erin. She has an artistic eye, often knows exactly what she wants and will tackle any challenges to make it a reality.

Unlike fashion, the equestrian life is not just a fad. When you choose horses, it says something about you as a person. You love horses or you don’t. You have to love brushing them down, cleaning out their stalls, dealing with heavy bails of hay. It is a physical and spiritual ritual. It’s not just “riding down a beach at sunset.” Erin has been riding horses since she was one year old and she has been with the same trainer since she was 9 years old so she understands the ins and outs of owning a horse. But, despite being around horses for as long as she has, her barn is still her paradise.

Erin’s Paradise is a pole barn design with four 12×12 stalls with heated auto-waterers, a tack room, a wash stall with hot and cold water, and a large storage area. She spent a lot of time making her barn into the perfect place for her and her horses. That is why she turned to Barn Pros for the stalls specifically. The black stall kits from Barn Pros add an elegant flare to any barn. “The window design is probably one of the best window designs I have seen and I have seen a lot of stalls.” She chose to keep the wood a natural color with a clear sealant which adds a lot of light to the barn. This barn is such a perfect example of how, just because it is functional, doesn’t mean it has to be ugly.

Headline image via The Styled Equestrian and Jennifer Sims.

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