Customer Spotlight: Jackie & Steve’s Equestrian 72 Horse Barn

A family retreat built with something for everyone.


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Off the beaten path, within the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, you’ll find an Equestrian 72 Horse Barn tranquilly providing the roots that one family desires. The first floor has all the best that Barn Pros has to offer for horses while the second floor has a classic clubhouse vibe with a full wet bar and pool table. This is truly a barn built for the entire family.

“I made the mistake of saying, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to have a small property here and build a little cabin?’ And the rest is history as they say.” The owner, Steve, told us this during an interview on one sunny summer day as they were finishing the construction of their property. This barn is just one of a handful of structures on their sprawling hillside property and for him and his wife, it represents so much more than just a horse barn. They are putting down their roots in a region they’ve grown to love and building something their whole family can call home.

His wife, Jackie, told us, “I travelled a lot as a child and he travelled through out his career so we wanted to be the ones that didn’t move and everybody could come to us.” The evolution of this structure from wanting just a small cabin on a plot of land to something they are lovingly referring to as The Compound, was entirely driven by their desire to build a physical place that their entire extended family could participate in. While some families are always looking for the next tropical paradise, Jackie and Steve wanted to build a place that has more substance to it. They wanted to carve out a space that reflected what they have always sought out in their lives which has the feel of an old-world community where you know the owners of the meat market down the street and you can cook right from your own garden.

Our barns may be pre-engineered but they provide all the flexibility that you need to make it unique to you and your family. “The final goal is that it is a reflection of the people that you love. It is a reflection of yourself, of your passion.” For Jackie and her daughter, horses are a particularly vibrant passion so they needed a space where they could fully pursue it, but Steve and many of their other family members are much more interested in simply relaxing with a game of poker or pool so the spacious loft was built with this in mind. This towering 60’x 72’ showcase barn with a 10’6” sidewall height has been appointed with the best that Barn Pros has to offer for horses. The exterior not only features sizable western red cedar standard and lighthouse cupolas, but also a timber-truss and corbel package on the front gable ends, in addition to the included western red cedar board and batten siding on gable ends around the barn. The double-breezeway setup is ideal for high-capacity horse-boarding, supplying 12 horse stalls plus a double (12’x 24’) tack room and wash bay. Several of the expansive horse stalls have a swinging divider wall so that two stalls can be joined as one for larger breeds or as a birthing stall. Jackie and her daughter have everything they need to fully pursue their equine passion.

And while they are busy with the horses, Steve can escape to the 2/3 partial loft to enjoy the lively recreation area with a wet bar, pool table and flat screen TV, illuminated by hand-made copper light fixtures. All the walls and ceilings are lined with our tongue and groove paneling for a classic look, while the posts throughout are wrapped in cedar for a nice contrast. Steel-framed and powder-coated Classic quadglass breezeway and hayloft doors with wood fill continue the rustic feel throughout the barn. A small room at one end was also built with a loft bed so that the grandchildren have a place of their own to escape to. In summary, it is immaculately designed to reflect their tastes and personality. “It’s very family centered. It is children, grandchildren, extended family and friends that are attracted to this.” They wanted to have a little something for everyone whether they love horses, poker or simply want to reconnect with a more rural spirit. “These are people that long for the past. They want to get out of the rat race. They’ve been working all their lives. They are really just trying to get back to their roots.” In our fast-paced modern world, everyone can use a reminder of what truly brings joy into their lives and where they come from. Steve and Jackie have worked hard to build a place where joy can flourish for generations to come.

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