Customer Spotlight: Spoiled Dog Winery


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Karen Krug is the owner and creator of Spoiled Dog Winery on scenic Whidbey Island. She’s been making wine on the island for the past 15 years, with a focus on quality, sustainability and local production. Instead of widely distributing their wines, Karen enjoys welcoming visitors to the island to experience the vineyard and the winemaking process (and their lovable winery dogs) for themselves.

While researching options to build their winery, Karen and her husband first came across the Barn Pros kits and were immediately drawn in by the ability to design a space that fit their needs and included all the details they wanted. The barn style allows them to rearrange the interior of their space without having permanent walls, which is key in the winery where they are constantly moving barrels and racking wine.

The space they have created and the beauty and solitude of the island encourages visitors to relax and unwind while enjoying a glass of award-winning, local wine. This winery is a dream come true for Karen. The life she has created serves as a model for the idyllic island life.

The Olympic 36’ Barn Model with Loft

This is an Olympic 36′ model with upgraded loft package (full instead of the 12′-wide center loft), dormers on either side of the structure, dual shed roofs (standard includes one) and a timber truss package on the front gable. The owners later enclosed one shed roof to add more storage space on the ground level – an easy modification after the building is constructed.

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