Classic Euro High Yoke Stall Front

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Part of our premium line of European stall fronts, this hinged stall front features a high top grill across the whole upper section and a full yoke at the top of the stall door. This design allows good visibility into and out of the stall, with the added freedom of the yoke grill which allows the horse to hang its head into the aisle. To prevent scraps and cuts, all steel edges and corners are ground smooth, latches are recessed, and joints are solid welds done by hand. The top grill is made of 1� steel tubes on 3� centers, creating a 2� opening between bars.

This stall front comes with a grilled feed door, flat brass caps and brass plunger knob on the door.

*Because of the custom nature of this product, lead times will vary. Call for additional sizes, special request and estimated lead times.

Lifetime warranty for sliding door track rollers, 10 year-limited structural warranty