TimberTank® – Wooden Water Storage Tank

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Only available with purchase of a Barn Pros structure


TimberTanks® are functional water storage tanks that combine the ageless beauty of wood with the durability of galvanized steel roofs and the modern technology of flexible membrane liners for water containment. Potable water is easily stored inside, which is great for gardening, well water supplementation, livestock, irrigation and even a good way to wash the car! Plus, TimberTanks® provide a ranch aesthetic to any property. Whether you are looking for a creative landmark for your business, accessory for a water feature or a great signage for the entrance to your property these tanks are the way to go.

Whether your intention is rain water collection or well supplementation, a TimberTank® offers flexibility in water storage. Working with your contractor or plumbing professional, you can easily facilitate water storage to work with your particular property.

The exterior consists of wood staves that are custom milled to form a barrel shape and are banded together with heavy duty galvanized steel bands to retain the circular shape. The galvanized steel roof incorporates factory formed and punched high rib roof panels which create a durable and weatherproof roof structure. This tank arrives fully assembled and ready to go. The roof is engineered to meet a 20 psf snow load and 115 mph wind rating. Installation requires preparing ground to a flattened surface, dirt or concrete, prior to install. Once the ground is prepped, place your TimberTank® for enjoyment with a 10-year warranty.

TimberTank® is a registered trademark of Water Storage Tanks, Inc.

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