The Barn Pros Story - Where It All Began

See some fun old photos, and learn how Barn Pros came to be.

Where Barn Pros is Today

Back in 1991 – Founders Jeff and Steve Worked As General Contractors

Barn Pros founders, Jeff and Steve, were working as contractors around western Washington state. As they honed their craftsmanship and construction skills, they were also expanding their own equine experience. As they built more barns, they gathered an understanding of the necessary steps to successfully coordinate and gather the material, prepare the build sites, and then build the structures. It was this time when they noticed an opportunity. From their own equine experience, they understood the needs of equestrians and their animals, and from their construction experience, they understood the building process and all the necessary steps to bring a strong structure to life. 

So they thought, “let’s combine the two.”

Barn Pros Was Born

Jeff and Steve had a mutual admiration of traditional European architecture and wanted to  combine their love for this style with a balance of practicality and value. All while streamlining the manufacturing and logistical side of building, to make projects more efficient with less error. This idea led to the Barn Pros pre-engineered kit – a package including all of the necessary parts and pieces of a structure, delivered to your door, leaving only the assembly as the remaining step. 

From Local Business to National Brand

Over the past three decades, Barn Pros has grown from a local business started by two local builders, to a national brand bringing dream structures to reality all around the country. A decision as important as a new building on your property demands a partner who places your needs and goals first. Barn Pros would be honored to be that partner for you. 


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