The Barn Pros Process: How to build a barn right

Building a high-quality wood structure can be a long, painstaking experience. But Barn Pros has created a smarter building process that is faster and less error-prone than traditional building approaches. For over 35 years, Barn Pros has refined a system that uses pre-engineered building designs and high-quality building materials that are delivered to your doorstep as a complete package–making building your barn simple and less costly.

Evaluating Your Land Before Building

Whether you have land or are looking to buy, you will want to talk to your local building department about permitting and zoning regulations. They will want to know the location, intended use, size, and type of construction of a proposed building. So, have a good idea what your needs are before you go. They will provide you information about required setbacks from property lines and roads, availability and location of utilities, including any underground utilities, and any land use restrictions based on issues like wetlands or zoning.

Now’s a good time to start looking for a builder, too. Your builder and Barn Pros can help you navigate the permitting process, if needed. For tips on finding a builder, see How to Find & Choose a Barn Builder.

Structure Selection

The best barn is one that will meet your needs and fit your lifestyle for years to come. So, think carefully about what uses, now and in the future, your barn might be put to. What aesthetics appeal to you and harmonize with your surroundings? What will fit on the plot selected and stay within your budget?

Barn Pros has over 30 models of pre-designed and pre-engineered structures to choose from with numerous configurations. With Barn Pros structures, there’s no need for an architect or engineer. Our models are already designed and approved. Plus, the pole-based grid system allows you to configure your barn to suit your requirements. Layout stalls, rooms, open spaces, wash bays, and lofts. Add cupolas. Move entrances. It’s easy with post and beam construction.

Building Your Barn

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The best structures are built using the best materials. Barn Pros uses the finest sustainably-harvested timber from the Pacific Northwest and high-quality accessories for all their models. Once our shop receives your lumber from the mill and gathers all the other materials, we systematically organize your custom package, including any pre-built components such as cupolas and doors. In as little as 6 weeks of placing your order, your kit is loaded onto a truck that is destined for your future doorstep!

Getting an organized, pre-cut, complete package reduces builder time and wasted materials. Your builder doesn’t have to worry about costly overruns or material shortages. Everything they need arrives with the delivery: blueprints, lumber, hardware, doors and cupolas. With a Barn Pros kit, your builder can start raising the barn immediately upon arrival.

Simpler from the Start

Your barn is a legacy for a lifetime. Barn Pros is built on quality, craftsmanship, and tradition you can trust. So, whether you’re an equestrian, hobbyist, RVer, boater, or any other type of adventurer, Barn Pros can help you get a timeless barn in less time, with less stress, and with less money. Let our 35 years of experience delivering thousands of structures work for you, making things simpler from the start. Visit our gallery and start your legacy today.


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